About Me

I am an Australian PhD scholar with a general interest in the health and evolutionary past of our species. I also enjoy exploring philosophical questions about our nature and what it means to be human. Accordingly, I spend roughly as much time on philosophy and sociology as I do on human evolutionary theory and genetics – my primary focus. For the kinds of questions I am interested in answering I do not see these fields as being as starkly unrelated as most would – it is the areas of overlap between fields that tend to fascinate me most.

My research focuses on the evolution of cooperation and heritable psychological diversity in humans. It is my belief that a more nuanced understanding of the roles that diverse behavioural phenotypes played in the human past, and how this diversity arose, might help us to find ways to increase the health and well-being of those diagnosed with behavioural disorders through better appreciating their unique aptitudes at school and in the workplace.

I hold a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science), a Master of Biological Anthropology Research (with Honours), and a Cambridge Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA). My Master’s research combined human population genetics, epidemiology, and archaeology to examine the role of infectious disease in recent human evolution.

I have also been involved in teaching in one way or another for near on a decade. I worked as a teacher of English as a second language (first in Australia and then in Japan), before moving to a focus on teaching academic English and university entry pathway courses. In recent years I have also done some lecturing and tutoring on human genetics and diversity, and taught associate degree level sociology and cultural anthropology. I love teaching and have an ongoing interest in pedagogy.

I enjoy political debate. I would generally describe myself as being most comfortable on the left end of the political spectrum, and I identify most readily with The Greens in Australia (though I don’t always agree with everything they have to say).

It is my hope that this blog will serve as a place for collecting snippets and snap-shots of what interests me, be they related to my work or to my political views. I write this for the benefit of no one in particular beyond myself – so if you happen to enjoy reading it, I thank you for your time and your interest.

I can also be found on Twitter by searching for the title of this blog.

Any views expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my institution or colleagues



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